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AQR 3.1 Smart Responderâ„¢

Property Manger Tools, the originator and industry leader in auto-quote response, provides the very latest software services for responding to quote inquires. AQR 3.1 has the ability to provide a completed quote to prospective guests within minutes of their submission, as well as following-up 24 hours later, in case they missed the first email. And, if the requested unit it booked, AQR 3.1 will quote a comparable one that is still open. AQR 3.1 tells you when your quotes were opened or clicked, and works with 20 listings sites. AQR 3.1 can even show you which quotes turned to completed bookings. Leverages your open inventory when you are heavily booked up.

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The First Click and Go Guest Mobile App Guest Mobile App - Engage your guests on any device, anytime, anywhere. 100% Compatible with any device. No need to download from an App Store. Give it your own .mobi brand domain. Instantly become part of the network. So, one URL connects your guest to any participating property manager. Your entire app is branded with your logo and colors, not just the home screen. Give your guests what they want... the quickest way to get to their vacation details. In a recent survey of guests, 80% said they prefer a mobile web app over an App Store download. We also designed the app to be self-service so no setup fee is required.

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PMT Inspector - Track & Monitor your Service

Have you ever had a guest check in to a unit that someone forgot to clean? Heard complaints about a repair that never got done? Sloppy or inefficient process tracking can damage your reputation, generate a flood of expensive and unnecessary service calls, and chip away at your owner's profits overall. PMT Inspector was designed to make sure that doesn't happen. PMT Inspector transforms your property management commitments from expensive and disorganized to one of your strongest competitive advantages in the industry. Track and Monitor the cleaning and maintenance of all of your properties from service orders to daily housekeeping.

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